Monday, December 7, 2009

Moving forward

There are a million reasons why you shouldn't, but you'll never know unless you try.

This is obvious for many, but I feel it's a lesson I've forgotten a lot along the way. I'm trying to take more risks and try new things -- this is why I now have a blog. It's funny how when I actually put myself out there, I have so much fun. 

Last week I started improv classes; so fun and funny! I'm really gonna have to think quickly while listening at the same time and be hilarious. Working on my bravery in this challenging class.

My friends and I put together a proposal for a new theatre festival. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get in and be able to create our French children's play.

I've been playing volleyball for a couple of months now, something which I didn't realize how much I missed. Thank you to my sister for getting me out on the court and introducing me to her lovely team! 
I love the excitement when things start to fall into place: the ball is now rolling. It's a rugged ball that can conquer any bumps. Can't wait to see what comes next in this period of transition.

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  1. congrats on getting out there & trying new things! i'm sure there will be more lovely and fun things to come :)