Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Camera ordered, picked bedroom paint colour

I picked out my camera and am super excited that it has pin-hole camera and pop-art functions (I realize these are probably easy to do with photoshop, but I'm used to a film SLR). After ordering it I noticed that it doesn't have a viewfinder!!! How this is possible I do not know but it's gonna be new for me anyway and I'll just have to learn to use the LCD screen.
I spotted these amazing pictures at the style files:

These are the wonderful stylings of Twig Hutchinson. I have decided to paint my bedroom on my road to the perfect home, or at least my super cozy home. The colour will be that of the bottom left hand picture; I'm obsessed with how this colour is either blue, green or grey depending on the lighting. I found my matching paint chip; just have to get up the energy for the priming as the previous owners used oil paint throughout the house: why? why? why?
The following image from Twig's portfolio will be the colour palette for my home, it's gonna go great with all our retro stuff (lots of wood and some seventies orange accents). I would like to introduce some of the yellow accents Twig uses. I love the mood her stylings create: clean, modern, cozy, classic?!?

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