Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a minute... in November

Love this idea from Jenaveve at August Street. I discovered many cool blogs from this meme last month. So as a new blogger, here's my first go at Just a minute...

Listening... can't get enough of the song Chupee by Cocoon - it's just so cute. Also, great walking or subway reading music, Do Make Say Think's moody instrumental album Other Truths.

Praising... all the amazing bloggers out there. I love seeing what you all come up with everyday and catching up over the weekend. You're all inspiring me to be more creative. yay!

Watching... old Katharine Hepburn movies.  Women of the Year was an interesting view of a workaholic woman in 1942.  In Suddenly, Last Summer, you always know if something's supposed to be mysterious by the music.  I can't believe how almost all of the movie(maybe the whole thing) had music telling the story under the dialogue, which became comical. Wow, guess I never realized Liz Taylor's beauty.

Reading...  the final pages of Duma Key by Stephen King.  After reading Misery a very long time ago, I stayed away from SK because he was far too gory. I'm pleasantly surprised by this novel: scary, but not very gory, and wonderfully written.

Cooking...  the most amazing beet dip and lots of chocolate chip oatmeal peanut butter cookies.

Writing...  pen hasn't yet reached paper, but toying with ideas for a play for a local theatre festival.

Sewing...  will start soon. I've been thrifting and need to customize 'new to me' clothing.

Loving... my boy and my jaggermuffin(dog). The weather which seems warmer than we had in the summer.

That was fun. You should join in.

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  1. Well hey there! So glad you're playing along, this is a lovely list of stuff.

    Oh the old films crack me up with their giveaway scores... but they are still lovely to look at.