Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got my first postcard...

My first postcard from my new adventure in Postcrossing arrived yesterday all the way from Germany. I love these traditional costumes because they remind me of the family trip to Europe I went on when I was nine. I collected dolls in traditional costumes from almost every country we visited.
So far, I've mailed postcards to England, China, Brazil, U.S.A., Thailand and Finland. The one to England reached it's destination and 3 days later, mine arrived from Germany. So fun!!!
There hasn't been much posting here lately because I'm caught up in the Olympics. The men's snowboard halfpipe last night was unreal!!! Off to watch the ladies' halfpipe...

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  1. Hi Lisa!
    I keep meaning to ask you if you've finished reading Half Broke Horses? Was it good? I just picked up a second hand copy.
    I LOVE postcards! Anyone I know that travels anywhere I always ask them to send me a postcard.