Thursday, February 11, 2010


After talking with my honey the other day about how it's so much easier being nerdy as an adult than it was as a kid, I found a new nerdy hobby. I loved stamps as a kid and had a small collection even though I was convinced that this was nerdy behaviour. I'm so excited to have found Postcrossing. You send postcards to people all over the world and then you get postcards from all over the world. 
I went out to buy postcards and discovered that they're not everywhere. I only managed to find cheesy touristy ones. I think pictures of the city is what many people want to receive, but spare me the multicoloured early nineties font. I'm going to have to check out some museum gift shops and art shops. If anyone knows a great spot to find postcards in Toronto, please let me know.

I've found some adorable postcard sets on etsy. Wouldn't you love to receive one of these beautiful illustrations in the mail rather than a bill?

I have to wait until people receive my cards and then it'll be my turn. The Postcrossing site chooses random addresses for you send to and then random people are chosen to send to you. You're not writing back and forth unless you choose to do so. So cool! I can't wait to see the postcards/stamps I get. You can request what type of cards you like and I'm hoping to be sent art from around the globe.

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  1. Cool idea! sounds like alot of fun. I find all Toronto postcards to be cheesy and touristy...but most people like that. Why not make your own postcard?? Have a fantastic Valentines Day weekend and a Happy Family Day xo